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Controlled pollination for tree fruits is an essential part of assuring an optimal set. Harry’s Pollen Service utilizes only high quality pollen, genetic science, and pollination technology for providing the best possible mix specific to each fruit variety.


SureSet –Apex

Harry’s Pollen Service proudly partners with Fusion 360, Inc. to provide customers with SureSet-Apex, a superior nutrient spreader that is utilized to increase germination, pollinating insect activity, and benefits the health & receptivity of the flower.


The Malloys provide their pollen application services through most of North Central Washington.  Utilizing a high powered engine driven blower and 4-wheeler combination they mechanically distribute the pollen/SureSet APEX formula throughout each targeted block.


We price our application services based on the type of tree fruit, total acreage and if you are inside or outside of our 50 mile radius.

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